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Kidney: A pair of organs in the abdomen that remove waste from the blood (as urine), produce erythropoietin (a substance that stimulates red blood cell production), and play a role in blood pressure regulation.

NSAIDs: Non- Steroidal Anti - Inflammatory Drugs, These are non-cortisone, non-addictive drugs that reduces pain and Inflammation.

Heart Failure: Condition caused when the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body; also characterized by fluid collecting in various parts of the body (such as legs, lungs, liver).

Uremia: Toxic accumulation of wastes in blow.

BUN: Blood urea nitrogen. A measure primarily of the urea level in blood.

CBC: Complete Blood Count.

Urinalysis: A test that determines the content of the urine

Dialysis: The process of cleansing the blood when the kidneys are not able to filter the blood.

Dehydration: The condition of excessive loss of fluids from the body, frequently caused by diarrhoea.

Urinary system: The parts of the body that play a role in reproduction, getting rid of waste products in the form of urine, or both.


Ainsleyjohn422 Saturday, June 10, 2017

Renal stone treatment can cause some discomfort.

Jean_George123 Thursday, April 27, 2017

I have been diagnosed with Renal Failure 2 years ago and I did what my Nephrologists told me. Started dialysis at the earliest and now I am doing good. I think you should go through this Davita dot com this will give you complete details about Renal.

pra5020 Monday, April 8, 2013

I am Prabhakar Chaudhary, I want to ask question about my sister 36 years old admitted in hospital due to ARF[Acute Renal Failure] her creatinine level is 2.7,blood urea 71 and BUN 45(She was suffering from Microscopic PAN from 28 Janaury 2013 now she is recovered but Kidney not functioning properly for last two months. Doctor's told me, she is dependent on hemodialysis. Kindly advice to cure it.

Ramakrishnan Friday, August 3, 2012

I am Ramakrishnan, I want to ask some questions about my nephew 15 Years old boy admitted hospital due to ARF. His creatinine level was 5.5 and took dialyses and started medicine. The doctor recommended for 3 weeks medicine and after he will be cured. Doctor, will it be cured such diseases and what is reason for such problem

Biswa1206 Friday, February 24, 2012

My father aged 70 is running high creatinine [2.6 against a normal value of 1.4] and potassium (6 against a normal value of 5). He had been a patient of high blood pressure and Sugar for the last 10 years. Is it an indication of Acute Renal Failure? He is to undergo USG of Kidney, BUN, Lipid Profile and Urine RE tomorrow. Can he be cured?

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