Last Updated on Mar 16, 2020


Acute pain: Pain that occur of short duration

Swelling: Abnormal Inflammation occurs in a body

Tendon: A tough, inelastic connective tissue that joins muscle to another structure, usually bone.

Steroid: Any of numerous organic compounds, including cortisone, estrogen, and testosterone, each of which has many effects on the body.

Rehabilitation: Treatment for an injury or illness aimed at restoring physical abilities

Orthopedic: Orthopedics is a branch of medicine, which is related to diagnosis and treatment of diseases of Musculo- skeletal system.

Pain: An unpleasant sensation that can range from mild localized discomfort to agony. Pain has both physical and emotional components.


manishu Saturday, October 4, 2014

Except sports..What are all the other reasons for achilles tendon rupture????

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