Last Updated on Oct 09, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor treats Aarskog–Scott syndrome

Aarskog–Scott syndrome is a genetic defect that may become evident at different stages of life. Multiple specialities are involved. A pediatrician may turn suspicious with a child born with congenital anomalies like heart defects or a cleft palate. Sometimes, a diagnosis results when there is a detailed search into the cause of short stature, undescended testes, and other physical abnormalities. A team of specialist including a physician specialized in Internal Medicine, surgeon and dentist may all be involved in the treatment of this condition.

2. Can Aarskog–Scott syndrome be prevented?

No. Aarskog–Scott syndrome is an inherited genetic disease that arises due to mutations. However, we can take protective steps like prevention of consanguineous marriages (marriage between close blood related family members).

3. Is there a role for genetic counselling in preventing Aarskog–Scott syndrome?

Yes. Genetic counselling is indicated for individuals or families who carry Aarskog–Scott syndrome.

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