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What are the Types of Ultra-Violet Radiation?

Ultra-Violet Radiation (UV) may be classified as near UV (380-200 nm wavelength), far or vacuum UV (200-10 nm) and extreme UV (1-31nm).

On the basis of its effect on human health and environment, UV radiation is often sub classified into -

  • UV- A (long wave)
  • UV-B (medium wave)
  • UV-C (short wave)

Which type of Ultra-Violet Radiation is most harmful?

UV-C is the most harmful, but along with most of UV-B, it gets filtered by the ozone layer of earth's atmosphere and most of it fails to reach earth. UV-A and UV-B that reach the earth contribute to the health hazard that result from over exposure to the sun. Almost 99% of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth is UV-A.

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