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To perform CPR

I. Position the person so you can check for signs of life by laying the person flat on their back on a firm surface and extending the neck.

II. Open the person's mouth and airway by lifting the chin forward.

III. Determine whether the person is breathing by simultaneously listening for breath sounds, feeling for air motion on your cheek and ear, and looking for chest motion.

IV. If the person is not breathing, pinch his or her nostrils closed, make a seal around the mouth and breathe into his or her mouth twice. Give one breath every five seconds - 12 breaths each minute - and completely refill your lungs after each breath.

V. If there are no signs of life - no response, movement or breathing - begin chest compressions. Place your hands over the lower part of the breastbone, keep your elbows straight and position your shoulders directly above your hands to make the best use of your weight.

VI. Push down 1 1/2 to 2 inches at a rate of 80 to 100 times a minute. The pushing down and letting up phase of each cycle should be equal in duration. Don't jab down and relax. After 15 compressions, breathe into the person's mouth twice.

VII. After every four cycles of 15 compressions and two breaths, recheck for signs of life. Continue the rescue maneuvers as long as there are no signs of life.(4)


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