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Taking care of blood loss

Severe bleeding can be life threatening. Applying direct pressure to the external bleeding can stop almost any form of bleeding. This is the most important first aid to be given. Always wash your hands before (if possible) and after giving first aid to someone who is bleeding to avoid infections. Try to use latex gloves when treating a bleeding victim.

Place the victim on level ground; elevate the bleeding area (arm, leg). Following this, interrupt the flow of blood through pressure. Do not use any kind of powder, lotion or other agents on the bleeding wound.

Do not attempt to remove any foreign objects from the wound. Doing so may cause more damage to the victim and may increase the amount of bleeding. The object also might be embedded in an artery or organ. Place pads and bandages around the object and tape the object in place.

Direct pressure to stop bleeding can be done using a sterile bandage, clean cloth, or even a piece of clothing. If nothing else is available, use your hand. However, applying direct pressure in case of eye injury can be harmful.

First Aid for Bleeding

Maintain pressure until the bleeding stops. When it has stopped, bind the wound dressing with adhesive tape or a piece of clean clothing. A cold pack should be applied over the dressing. Do not peek to see if the bleeding has stopped. Place another cloth over the first one incase of prolonged bleeding. Do not attempt to remove the soaked pad or cloth. Be sure to seek medical attention.(5)


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