How can Tennis Elbow be treated ?

This condition condition however is usually self limiting and in majority of the patients it it tends to last for 3 to 6 weeks and then gradually disappears.

Rest helps, with avoidance of the activities which over use the elbow.

Initial treatment of tennis elbow involves limiting the activities in which the muscles and tissues of this region may be stressed. Often this is accomplished by the use of a splint which immobilizes the wrist.

Anti-inflammatory medications are helpful in reducing swelling in the region and can be followed up with some exercise and massage which help the healing process.

Another option for many sufferers, especially those who prefer to not to take tablets, is the application of an appropriate and effective topical ointment to reduce inflammation.

For stubborn cases of tennis elbow the doctor may advise corticosteroid injections.

In cases where conservative treatment is not effective, surgery may be recommended.

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