How can Spondylosis be treated ?

It is important to keep active, but do not over exert yourself. The balance between mild to moderate exercise and rest is necessary. It is usual for the discomfort to improve with time, although the stiffness remains.

Strong medical reassurance coupled with advice from a physiotherapist about posture and improving physical fitness can sometime be helpful. Cervical collar or neck brace may be advisable to give rest and to ease pain.


Regular gentle exercise for the neck will help the pain and stiffness to ease. Orthopeadician or physiotherapists will advice the best exercise Gentle and slow stretching exercises Stretch are recommended. Swimming or hydrotherapy will help overcome the stiffness. To further relieve the pressure, the doctor may prescribe a cervical traction device. This device is attached to the patient head and pulls up on it using a pulley system and weights. It is usually applied a few times a day and can be used while sitting or lying in bed.

Some times bed rest for a period of 1-2 weeks may be essential.


Regular use of mild painkillers will relieve aches and pains.


Surgery is another option. But this depends on the patient’s age, duration of the problem, type of neck disease, the degree of damage to the spine or spinal cord. Surgical procedures include removal of abnormal bone growths and sometimes stabilization of neck with fusing the vertebrae with each other.


slc44 Tuesday, November 6, 2012

for the past fornight I have been having abnormal rise in BP and loss of balance as a result. BP over 200/110. I have had heart surgery 8 years back, I am Bp medication for 26 years and sugar for 3 years. Everything was under control till a fornight back. I am now diagnosed with cervical spondilysis with reduced space between c-5/c-6 and c-6 /c-7. suggest treatment.

drpsuresh Friday, February 26, 2010

My name is Dr.P.Suresh. I am 47 years of age. I am working as Principal in a Pharmacy college.I have developed cervical spondylosis at C4,C5. I am getting numbness, pain in hands, lack of bodyy balance, and since yesterday I am finding lack of balance.While getting up from the bed I am feeling as if I am falling down and I need some support of a person.At times I am getting pain towards the backside of the head and above.At times during the sleep I find that some parts of the body flicks.I am taking vertin 8 mg as and when required.
I am extremely worried for the same. I have done MRI, Audiogram,Cervical screening,digital cervicalspine X-ray AP & LAT.I sincerely pray God for a cure. please suggest me the ways and means

yusuf_qatar Friday, October 16, 2009

I am a male of age 37, married and working as administrative worker and my job is mainly PC related, recently about 10 days back i got pain in my arms and wrist and slowly is went to the shoulders, couldnt tolerate the pain, mainly while at sleep. Is is spondylosis ?

Heythere123 Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am a renal transpant , transplanted 25 years ago. I have pin pricking sensation and mild headache initiating from the back of my head and radiating to my head, face hands and limbs with the sensation of muscle spasm till my chest and burning sensation in my stomach. Can this be Spondylosis ???

meeta Saturday, January 17, 2009

does the symptoms of Spondylosis also include feeling many a times with headache and neck pain i feel quite uneasy and sweat too much?

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