What is the Procedure for Skin Biopsy?

A local anaesthesia is given in the form of topical cream or injection at the biopsy site.

The procedure takes about a minute and the patient may feel a pushing sensation in the area where the skin biopsy is being performed. Usually, skin biopsy is a painless procedure. However, if it is very painful, it is advisable to tell the doctor about it.

You may have stitches depending on the type of skin biopsy. Your dermatologist will tell you when to get them removed. A dressing will usually be applied to the site of the biopsy. This should be left in place for the first 24 hours. After that you can remove the dressing.

The skin sample is collected in a sterile container and sent to a Pathologist for examination.

It usually takes about one week for the doctor to obtain the result from the pathology laboratory, but can sometimes take longer if special stains are required.

A small scar left after the skin biopsy site has healed.

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