Frequently Asked Questions for Skin Biopsy

1. Which doctor should I see for having a skin biopsy?

You should see a Dermatologist or a General physician.

2. Who is a Dermatologist?

Dermatologist is a skin doctor.

3. What are the precautions to be taken after a skin biopsy?

The Biopsy site should be kept clean and dry till it heals completely. Water should not enter the biopsy site for at least 2 days. Ask your doctor about specific instructions on how to take care of your biopsy site.

4. When will the stitches in skin be removed?

Stitches in the face are usually removed in about 5-6 days. Stitches in other parts of the body are removed in 10-12 days. Adhesive strips should remain till it falls off the stitches. Ask your doctor about specific instructions.

5. Will the biopsy site bleed after the procedure?

Small amount of bleeding occurs at the biopsy site which may last for several days. Ask your doctor about how much amount of bleeding is expected. If any of the following complications occur, then consult the doctor immediately.

Increase in swelling, pain, redness at the biopsy site.

Increase in temperature.

Increase in bleeding or pus from the biopsy site.

6. Are there any risks involved in Punch Skin biopsy?

In very rare conditions, there are chances that the biopsy site may become infected. A topical antibiotic may be applied if there is a previous positive history of immune disorder.

There is a chance that a scar, similar to a chicken pox scar, may form.

7. How can you reduce the development of skin cancer?

Avoid excessive Sun exposure.

Use sunscreens and protective clothing during exposure to sun. Early diagnosis of skin cancer is the key to early treatment and cure which can be achieved by a skin biopsy.

8. What are the risks of skin biopsy?

Risks and complications of skin biopsy are rare.


Persistent bleeding.

Scar due to skin injury or surgery.

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