Last Updated on Aug 20, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist should I consult if I have salmonellosis?

You can consult a General Physician.

2. Does Salmonellosis spread from one person to another?

The bacteria may spread to other people in the household who share utensils, towels, etc., if the infected person does not wash hands properly after using the toilet.

3. Can Salmonella cause typhoid?

Yes. Salmonella bacteria could also cause typhoid fever.

4. What should I do to stop diarrhea?

In most cases replacing lost fluids to prevent dehydration is the only required treatment. Medicines are helpful in some cases, but they are usually not recommended for people whose diarrhea is caused from a bacterial infection as stopping the diarrhea will tend to trap the organism in the intestine, prolonging the problem.


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