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Leprosy - Glossary

Lesion: An area of abnormal tissue change.

Aerobic: Requiring the presence of oxygen. Aerobic exercise for example, requires increased oxygen consumption.

Antibodies: Protein produced by white blood cells, which neutralize or destroy foreign proteins in the body (antigens). When infected with virus or bacteria, the body produces antibodies, which destroy the invading microorganisms.

Bacteria: A large group of single-cell microorganisms. Some cause infections and disease in animals and humans. The singular of bacteria is bacterium.

Biopsy: Removal of a portion (sample) of tissue for pathological examination or diagnostic study.

Dermis: The lower or inner layer of the two main layers of tissue that make up the skin.

HLA Antigens: Proteins on the outer part of the cell that help the body fight illness. These proteins vary from person to person. Scientists think that people with certain types of HLA antigens are more likely to develop insulin-dependent diabetes.

Immunity: State of being resistant to a disease, particularly an infectious one.

Incubation: The time between infection by a pathogen and the appearance of disease symptoms.

Leprosy: A skin infection caused by a bacterium, which can also be associated with nerve damage. The bacterium involved is called Mycobacterium leprae.

Lymph node: Round, oval or bean-shaped aggregation of infection- and cancer-fighting immune cells located along the lymph channels throughout the body.

Multi drug therapy: use of a combination of drugs to cure a disease


sureshbbau768 Tuesday, August 6, 2013

hi this is sureshbabu.i have effected with hanseen disease,and i used MDT for one and half year,and doctors told to stop me and do some exercise..now main problem is one of my right hand fingers are clawed and it is shivering,and my skin turn into black on my face....tell me it is dangerous disease..how could i solve it i am doing small exercises but my fingers are same..please tell me and please helping to me...and my thinking too much on this unable to concentrate on anyhing...can i go to physiotheraphy...will the fingers come into normal...or can i go GYM and do exercises please please please help me....

shahnikunj Friday, March 15, 2013

its avery informative article thank you

gayani Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is it dangerous in any way to make a patient who is undergoing treatment take up writing exercises as physiotherapy to get the fingers working again?The fingers are clawed in the right hand and the patient has been asked o come in for physiotherapy sessions as well

innocent14 Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks a lot for providing qualitative & updated news about leprosy.Really this website has enhanced my leprosy knowledge.

dearmehraj Monday, September 7, 2009

i am a medical student requires a detail study of leprosy for seminar & i found your website very informative. Thank you, best regards.

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