Types of Gaucherís Disease

Type 1 is the most common and generally the mildest form of Gaucherís disease. It is a chronic form of the disease and is most commonly diagnosed during adulthood (an average age of 30). An enlarged liver and spleen and bone abnormalities may result. Neurologic problems can also occur. Patients are also at increased risk of bleeding from the stomach and esophagus and liver cancer. Type 1 disease accounts for about 90 percent of cases.

Type 2 is the infantile form usually causes death in the first year of life. It causes enlarged spleen and severe neurologic problems in infants. Brain damage is extensive.

Type 3 is a juvenile form that can begin at any time during childhood. Children who survive to adolescence may live for many years. Patients have an enlarged liver and spleen, bone abnormalities. Neurological problems are slowly progressive.

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