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Prognosis of Endometrial Cancer

For all stages, the overall 5-year survival is around 80%. This is attributed to the persistent vaginal bleeding as a presenting symptom of the early disease, causing anxiety and inconvenience in women.

Prognosis depends on the following:

  • Cancer type and its position in the body
  • The extent of spread of the disease, denoted as stage of the disease
  • The category or grade of cancer, which portrays the gravity of the cancer and its mode of development
  • The health condition of the patients, age and their response to treatment

Cancer that is confined to the uterus can be cured surgically in 60-70% of cases. The average five-year survival rate is at 84%, and this percentage increases if the cancer is detected in early stages.

The stages of the cancer when first diagnosed are as follows:

  • Stage I - 70% to 75% of cases
  • Stage II - 10% to 15% of cases
  • Stage III or IV - 10% to 15% of cases

As endometrial cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, the probable outcome is better than with other types of gynecological cancers, such as cervical or ovarian cancer. The prognosis is indicated as follows:

  • Stage I - 75% to 95%
  • Stage II - 50%
  • Stage III - 30%
  • Stage IV Less than 5%

Recurrence rates up to 46% are observed with deep myometrial invasion (greater than 50% of the wall ) as compared to 8-13% with superficial or no invasion. Most cancers of the womb lining are of the endometrioid type and have a good prognosis.


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I am happy to say that I am offically Cancer free as of November 26th 2008...and I urge women who have symptoms of abnormal bleeding to get themselves checked not just a regular check up but an extensive one.. Let's keep up the faith in ourselves and keep on moving.

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