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Prevention of Endometrial Cancer

A woman can reduce her risk for endometrial cancer by regular exercises and having low saturated fat, plenty of fruits and vegetables.

It may not be possible to prevent endometrial cancer in majority of the cases, yet some factors may help in mitigating the risks of disease development. These include:

Taking hormone therapy (HT) with progestin: It is well known that estrogen activates the development of the endometrium, therefore, consuming estrogens after menopause may add to the risk of endometrial cancer; however by adding another hormone progesterone (e.g. synthetic progestin) the risk is reduced and causes the uterine lining to shed. This form of combination hormone therapy lowers the risk of the cancer.

Using birth control pills: The use of combination oral contraceptives by pre- menopausal women is associated with a decreased risk of developing endometrial cancer, ranging from a 50% decrease after 4 years of use, to a 72% decrease after 12 or more years of use.

Diet and Lifestyle: Obesity and over weight is a major risk factor for the development of endometrial cancer. However, risks can be minimized by consuming foods low in saturated fats, and increasing intake of fruits, vegetables and soy products. Women who exercise regularly also have a lower risk of endometrial cancer.

To enable early diagnosis of the condition, it is imperative to undergo regular screening and gynecologic evaluation. Women are advised to undergo periodic physical examinations. Besides, women on HRT or tamoxifen should ideally undergo transvaginal sonography (ultrasound examination) and hysteroscopy (endoscopic evaluation of the uterus).


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