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Biopsy: A procedure used extensively to extract cells and tissues for examination to verify the presence of disease.

Cancer: A disease which is caused by the abnormal multiplication of cells in an uncontrollable fashion.

Chemotherapy: Treatment with anticancer drugs.

Dilation and curettage: D&C. This is a relatively simple operation without much complexity, which involves the cleaning of the cervical canal and uterine lining with the help of a curette after dilating the cervix.

Endometrium: is the name given to the inner lining of the uterus.

Estrogens: is the name given to the hormones secreted by the ovaries.

Hyperplasia: A condition characterized by a surge of normal cells in a tissue or organ

Hysterectomy: Surgery done to remove the uterus,

Infertility: Failure to conceive after a year of regular intercourse without contraception.

Menopause: The time in a woman's life when menstrual periods permanently stop.

Obese: Well above normal weight

Radiation therapy: The use of high-energy rays to damage cancer cells, stopping them from growing and dividing.

Salpingo: Oophorectomy: A procedure in which the fallopian tubes and ovaries are removed.

Side effects: Problems that occur in addition to the desired therapeutic effect.

Therapy: A word used to refer to any form of treatment or illness.


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I am happy to say that I am offically Cancer free as of November 26th 2008...and I urge women who have symptoms of abnormal bleeding to get themselves checked not just a regular check up but an extensive one.. Let's keep up the faith in ourselves and keep on moving.

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