Written by Inara Hasanali, M.A.  | 
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Sunil Shroff, MBBS, MS, FRCS (UK), D. Urol (Lond) on Oct 15, 2020

Drinking and Heart Disease

Some studies carried out on middle- aged population seem to indicate that moderate consumption of alcohol can have a beneficial effect on coronary heart disease (CHD) This age group constitutes a high- risk group for CHD whereas among young individuals no beneficial effects of alcohol can be seen.

Although there is an association between moderate drinking and lower CHD risk, science has not confirmed that alcohol itself causes the lower risk. It is plausible that the lower risk might result from some as yet unidentified factor or surrogate such as lifestyle, diet and exercise or additives to alcoholic beverages.

Moderate drinking is not “risk free.” The trade off between the risk and benefit can be exemplified by the fact that alcohol’s anti clotting activity may increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke or bleeding within the brain.

Heavy consumption of alcohol is positively associated with many diseases including liver diseases and cancer. It also causes trauma due to the higher number of road crashes and a lowering of overall health and nutritional status.

Unless and until these issues are clarified the most prudent advice is as follows.

  • Individuals who are not currently drinking should not be encouraged to drink solely for health benefits and these are yet unproven to be from alcohol itself.
  • Individuals who choose to drink and are not at risk for alcohol related problems should not exceed the one to two drinks a day limit one drink for women and two drinks for men.
  • Individuals who drink beyond this limit should be advised on the detrimental factors due to excessive consumption and be advised to lower their intake.

The Mediterranean Diet followed by Greeks and other Mediterranean residents offers some protection against heart diseases.


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naive Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hi i just wanted to know what all foods and drinks can aggravate an enlarged heart !!

hollysewa Friday, January 20, 2012

Hi there? Am called ssewanyana Augustine i just want the doctors to tell me does wine help in maintaining heart disease? What I mean taking it moderately not taking too much that can relieve people with heart diseases how far is it true?

ayodele Tuesday, August 16, 2011

to me i have alot to say about this major topic. to be sincere heart disease ocure as a result of incovinent lifestyle and lack of normal diet. apart from hereditry factors, if an average human can take normal diet and have an excercise when necesary and normal job, the rate of death by heart disease will reduced. the major causes of heart disease in some cases is poverty. hope you all know what i mean by poverty. state of an unwealthy condition. no money to maintain normal life style, when there is little illness, there will be financial problem to cure it, which may lead to any heart disease.my name ayodele albert. thanks

Foram Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hi I am 31 yrs old woman and recently came to know that I am suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy. Can anyone guide me the do's and dont's for patients like me. Also I m a working woman. My job does'nt demand any physical stress. Will I be able to leave a normal healthy life?

dd2010 Friday, October 1, 2010

thank u for the heart problem life style,am 29 have a swollen heart after giving birth,having difficulties in breathing,am on frusemite ,digoxin ,am always having gastric fluids white like froth coming out,please help

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