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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist should I see if I have Dandruff ?

You should see a Dermatologist (skin specialist) and get their opinion.

2. Can people who have dandruff use a conditioner?

Yes, people who have dandruff can use a conditioner to keep up the condition of their hair. A conditioner does not stop the effect of an anti-dandruff shampoo on the scalp.

3. Is it true that the more lather produced when shampooing the more effective the shampoo is and the cleaner the hair?

No, the amount of lather produced has nothing to do with the effectiveness of a shampoo lathering agents are generally added to shampoos because people believe that more lather means cleaner hair and it tells the user where and when to rinse.

4. Is it true that the more shampoo you use the cleaner the hair will be?

No, a small amount of shampoo slightly larger than the size of a small coin and slightly diluted is usually sufficient for all hair at shoulder length that is washed frequently. The amount of shampoo will vary according to the length of the hair and how frequently it is washed.


stemcelltreatment Friday, May 10, 2013

Nice article, dandruff created health issues if it appear continually, you need to proper treatment.

Nealoren Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes,I Agree with above post.Most of people is suffering this problem.
and if someone is prevent their hair loss, i suggesting you one medicine that I refer...
Finasteride (Generic Propecia) is the best medicine.
if you know in whichshop

VIVI06 Monday, December 15, 2008

I have really bad dandruff or should i say fungus.It covers mi hole head starting to go to mi ears and forhead.I am losing mi hair u could see meny bold spots.
Iam only 19 yrs old and i have no idea how i got it and how to get rid of it.I have no insurence so if someone out there could give me some ideas i would apreciate it. I have tried soo many things its still the same!!!

guest Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My age is 29,my probles is hairloos,already 45% hair loss on my head for oily dandruff, please any suggestion for me, how should be possible to reduce hair loss and treated on dandruff. Thnks.

sunny1 Monday, January 14, 2008

I never had dandruff until I was 18 years old and got an attack of measles. Now I am 54 and I still suffer from this condition. It has also made my hair a little sparse. My wife thinks I will soon get bald. Sometimes I want to shave off all my hair for a few months and apply oil. Will this prevent my hair fall and prevent me getting bald, anyone has any suggestions for my problem. I have tried number of things only to get temparory relief from the condition.Thanks for help

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