How can Constipation be treated ?

  • A well-balanced diet that includes fiber-rich foods, such as unprocessed bran, whole-grain bread, and fresh fruits and vegetables, is recommended.

Drinking plenty of fluids and exercising regularly will help to stimulate intestinal activity. Special exercises may be necessary to tone up abdominal muscles after pregnancy or whenever abdominal muscles are lax.

Treatment of Constipation: Fiber-rich Foods
  • Stool softners and laxatives may be recommended to add fluid and bulk to the stool and aid in the passage of stools.
  • If constipation is associated with emotional problems, counselling or similar treatment may help.


Ayshajain Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yes the diagnosis of Constipation is very simple.The main causes of Constipation are:

4.Low fiber diets
5.Low fluid intake

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