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Ultrasonography lacks the details of a mammogram and is operator dependent.

Ultrasonography (USG) can diagnose if a breast lump is a simple or complex cyst or if it is a solid tumor. The risk of cancer is very low if the lesion is a simple cyst on ultrasound.

During USG, high-frequency sound waves are transmitted which hits the surfaces of the lump and emits echos, which are then, recorded as visual images.

A USG allows clear images to be obtained from any orientation. It helps to locate a tumor and also to guide the probing needle during a cyst aspiration or a biopsy.

However it lacks the details of a mammogram and is unable to pick up micro calcifications (which are one of the first signs of breast cancer), which the mammogram can .

USG also depends on the skill of the sonologist.

Hence USG is used only after a mammogram or a clinical breast examination has already detected an abnormality.

Some experts suggest USG for women below 35 and recommend that the others skip the scan and directly do the FNAC ( Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology).


drveerendra Monday, June 15, 2009

But it has been noticed that - all the leisons not detected -some time no detection in M-gram but small detection in Ultrasoound - but time consuming .So based on the negative mamogram -can ?we afford the patient to go escort free -

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