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Botox Indication for Cosmetics

Although Botox has gained popularity for its cosmetic usage, it is also widely used to treat several medical conditions.

Botulinum toxins have been used to treat conditions that in some way involves involuntary muscular contraction. Within a few hours to a couple of days of injecting Botox, the muscular contractions are completely eliminated. By directly injecting the toxin into the targeted muscle group, the risk of it spreading to other areas of the body is reduced.

Frown Lines - The skin around the eyes does not stay smooth for long. The constant use of the Corrugator and Procerus muscles creates severe glabellar (frown or ‘furrows’) lines. Botox is used to treat these frown lines and to erase them.

Crow’s feet - when Botox is injected around the eyes, the muscles around the eyes cannot move for a period of time and the crow’s feet which are seen around the eyes temporarily disappear.

Laugh lines - Botox is often used for other areas of the face as well, like along the side of the mouth to erase ‘laugh lines’.

One has to remember that Botox is a drug and not a cosmetic and all will not benefit. It is therefore important to consult a doctor before going for the treatment.


kantilal39 Saturday, August 28, 2010

is botox injections useful for parkinsonism?whAT is the dose ?

bciferri Wednesday, March 25, 2009

THE SCIENCE POSTED HERE IS WRONG: the botulinum toxin cleaves the SNARE complex and allows for the vesicle containing the neurotransmitter ACh to be unable to diffuse through Ca2+ cannels. when the SNARE complex is cleved the vesicle cannot bind to the SNAP-25 and thus ACh cannot be released and the muscle cannot react to the signal from the nerve.

sunny1 Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Botox can be used for enlarged prostate glands; for especially those who are high risk for surgery.

sohail23 Tuesday, July 3, 2012 is easy but experience must.

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