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Diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome is done by a team comprising Mental Health Experts, Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. It is diagnosed in children between the ages of five and nine.

The initial phase of assessment addresses behaviors of children under two specific categories called externalized behaviors and internalized behaviors. Evaluation of externalized behaviors looks into abnormal expressions, misplaced gestures while internalized behaviors addressed depressive tendencies, anxious and confused behaviors or fixation with unusual objects or topics.

The mental health specialist evaluates the family history, child's behavior, manner of social interaction and quality of emotional relationships. Assessment of the child's development at the time of evaluation is a reliable barometer for diagnosis.

a)Family history: The mental health specialist probes the family history with a view to ascertaining the hereditary inclinations for the condition. This might also involve probing certain sensitive issues, for instance parenting styles or academic strengths on the maternal and paternal sides. The development of the child at the time of evaluation, specific milestones, life events , details of traumas, are some of the evaluation pointers which will enable the specialist make a better diagnosis.

b)Speech and Language Evaluation: The speech and language pathologists use an array of methods to gauge the child's communication. With the help of standardized tests and mental scales, specialists assess the communicative abilities of the child. The specialists observe the child in different settings, plotting the behavior and manner of social interaction on a standardized scale.

Receptive language: An assessment is made of how the child processes the information and level of comprehension.

Expressive language: The manner of speech, communication, gestures and expression is analyzed also called the 'pragmatics of language'. Other areas assessed are:

  • Quality of voice
  • Listening Skills
  • Attention Span
  • Articulation
  • Level of comprehension
  • Ability to follow direction

These parameters assist the pathologist to diagnose potential speech and language disorder in order to device befitting interventions.

The advice of an occupational therapist may be sought after the initial assessment of a mental health professional to gauge the child's sensory and environmental responses.

c) Screening Tools

Australian Scale for Aspergers Syndrome: This tool was developed by Atwood and Barbett to ascertain the child's risks of Aspergers syndrome

ADOS: Autistic Disorder Observation Scale (2001): The specialists employ a theme of play centric activities to measure the child's behavior and emotional response.


  1. 'Parenting a Child with Asperger Syndrome'- by Brenda Boyd


Kane157 Friday, December 30, 2011

Hi, is there such a thing of being "borderline" Aspergers? I do have a lot of the traits and symptoms of a person with Aspergers, but except for a few and one major one, and that is the fact that I am over emotional. To the point where I can't control them. But everything else seems to fit into my personality and my confusion to everyday situations. Cretin things that I touch hear and drive me out of my mind. I snap uncontrollably at people when cretin things are said to me, like trigger words. I sometimes go into uncontrollable rages if the wrong thing is said, I end up moving objects across the room that take four people to move. But yet I would never touch the person who triggered me, I end up feeling a large amount of my anger is more frustration. Frustration that I don't understand and why don't they understand. I have never passed a test over shear anxiety, and always seem to be at my worst in these situations. I find bliss in the repetitive. And am not quite social, the few friends I have say I'm weird, or the didn't like me when they met me. But seem to love me as I am quite honest and caring. I feel like I am odd and there is something wrong with me, and after watching the film Adam. I feel like that's me. I recently did a test online, and I know they are mostly incorrect. My score inferred that I was on the border, it came down to 2 and I'de be a candidate for Aspergers. So am I being silly or is it possible?

cllaire Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is there such a thing a 'borderline aspergers syndrome'? If so what are the symptoms of this, and could it be passed on? I ask this as my husband has aspergers and he and I have baby boy. So I would like to know if our son, could have it?

shaney Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have family on the spectrum. I would love to chat with you as I am trying to contact adults with AS to talk to.

Dilip47 Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hi Prema,
Your question is answered below;
Chris and Gisela are consultants on Asperger Syndrome [AS] to the new Fox Searchlight Pictures film "My Name is Khan".
Shibani Bathija, who wrote the screenplay for the film, along with director Karan Johar, used their book, as well as interviews with us, as the basis for the film's central character, Rizwan Khan.
Rizwan is played by the acclaimed Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, and the leading lady is Kajol.
While on subject, I would like to add that we have been happily living with our AS son for the last 29 years. We would like to form/join a support group in India for persons with AS.

Nietnaam Friday, January 20, 2012

Is there a AS family/spouse support group in India. My husband was always special and was formally diagnosed with AS when he was 35yrs. I do not have AS but need support and trained counselor from time to time. Any resource?

prema Monday, February 15, 2010

Is My name is Khan of Shah Rukh Khan on Aspergers syndrome?

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