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The French Paradox and Resveratrol

Last Updated on Feb 01, 2016
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The French Paradox and Resveratrol

Red wine grapes are rich in Resveratrol, a component that has been found to be effective in fighting age-related diseases.


It is a well-known fact that the French enjoy their high calorie meals, and yet, as luck would have it, they do not seem to be weighed down by the consequences. The rate of heart diseases among the French is remarkably lower in comparison to the rate among the Americans. This phenomenon has been attributed to the fact that it is customary for the French to wash down their meals with moderate and not-so-moderate quantities of wine.

In the year 2003, a group of compounds were chanced upon, that were potent enough to motivate the Sir2 genes to function. They were the Sirtuin-activating compounds (STACs). The most powerful of them, Resveratrol, was found in abundance in plants, particularly in the red-wine grape.

Creatures in the lower rung of the animal kingdom, such as yeast, fruit flies, worms and fish, fed on a diet of STACs, showed a marked increase in vigor and vitality besides living for longer periods of time. In the fish, the STACs increased the life span by 59%. But how effective are these compounds on warm-blooded animals?

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From decreased death rate to killing cancer cell, a small amount of wine at the end can go a long way when it comes to beneficial effect. Kills the antioxidants When choosing your wine for antioxidants, go with white wine preferably Boost the immune system Moderate alcohol can zone off infections and improve immune system in check. Improves bone Density Red wine has found to be highest levels of silicon, which best for your bone mineral density.


Dear Sir, For the ageing problem to be slow we require the basic natural necessities i.e., clean air, clean water and clean environment. None of the above is present now anywhere in the world except perhaps in Amazon forest and congo forest. There also human beings have gone and slowly spoiling it. So called scientists take quantity x from nature and give back only x-1,2... In Hindu philosophy it is called Yuga characteristics. Nothing can be done except crying from rooftops to stop pollution. IT IS A PITY. HS NARAYANAN


Dear Sir, Article is excellent. I will be very thankful. Food restriction is the process which most probably will limit the load of OXYRADICALS in the system thereby postponing the Age Related changes. Please send me the references so that the issue of FOOD RESTRICTION and how it works can be cleared. Thanks Dr. VENUGOPAL


I sometimes wonder what is the so called "good" or "bad" in terms of diet.The dietary recommendations keep changing on a day to day basis. I suppose the good old practice of our ancestors to eat timely meals prepared from chemical free ingredients should do the trick.

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