Written by Dr. Gayatri Krishnan, MD Anaesthesiology | 
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Sunil Shroff, MBBS, MS, FRCS (UK), D. Urol (Lond) on Dec 10, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is laughing gas and chloroform being used for surgery now?

No they are not. They have become outdated and far better techniques are now employed.

2. How safe is anaesthesia?

Research and modern techniques have made it a very safe procedure.It is more safer than walking on a crowded street.

3. What are the advantages of epidural anaesthasia?

First of all, the brain and the heart are not affected to a great extent; and the patient remains awake. Secondly, it has a great effect on the nerve fibres that conduct pain but it does not affect the patient's movement. Thirdly, its long lasting property has made other pain relief drugs obsolete.


vivekadt Wednesday, August 3, 2011

great information, but kindly include some advance use of Anaesthesia in different OT stages. thanks

ashok garg Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Im surprised, to know the ancient methods of anaesthesia like forceful knock on head, snow anaesthesia etc.

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