Last Updated on Sep 24, 2014

What are the Symptoms of Pediatric Pyloric Stenosis?

The baby starts to vomit feeds forcefully around 4 weeks after delivery.

Symptoms of pediatric pyloric stenosis include -

  • Vomiting - The baby starts to vomit feeds around 4 weeks after delivery. The vomiting gradually becomes forceful. The vomit mainly contains milk or curdled milk.
  • Less urine and stools - Due to the vomiting and absence of milk absorption, is the child passes less urine and stools.
  • Dehydration - The vomiting also results in the baby getting dehydrated and losing weight.
  • Jaundice - The baby may develop jaundice.


Groffy Sunday, March 7, 2010

There are many PS cases that don't fit these "rules": girl babies and later children also get the condition. There are other general characteristics of PS that also have many exceptions: it affects more Caucasians, children with blood groups A and O, children of mothers who were stressed during the last months of pregnancy.
If your baby is not keeping food down, vomits increasingly and powerfully, is losing weight and/or condition, is not passing motions and urine, suspect PS, get your baby tested, don't be put off by an unsuspecting and ill-informed doctor. On the internet there are many stories of children being treated only just before it's too late.

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