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Are you curious to know your child's growth in each month? Check Medindia's Developmental Milestone Calculator to keep track of your child’s development.

Milestones are developmental landmarks the baby show as it gets older. Based on the expected milestones, you can determine whether the baby is developing normally. A child’s development can vary widely. In premature birth (born before 37 weeks of gestational age) or when there is a medical problem (e.g. cardiac) the milestones can be delayed. A family history of delayed development can also lead to developmental delay, which may be a normal variation or due to a genetic abnormality in the family.

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Dr. J Prabhakar Rao
Dr. J Prabhakar Rao
25 years experience
Dr Raos clinic , Vasundhara

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Dr. Dipi Agrawal
Dr. Dipi Agrawal
10 years experience

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Dr. Shivamurthy Y L
Dr. Shivamurthy Y L
MBBS, MD Paediatrics ( Gold medalist), Fellowship in Neonatology
11 years experience
Shri Mallikarjuna Newborn and Child Clinic, Vijayanagar

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Dr. Carolina Daniel
Dr. Carolina Daniel
15 years experience
Sanghvi Hospital, Andheri west, Lokhandwala complex

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paul6866, Pakistan

Father and mother need to consistently be concerned about preschool developmental milestones, in view that these can reward enormous signals as to the progress of your baby in a style of areas and how they measure up to to different youngsters of similar age. This isn't calculated to concern parents, however to behave as an early warning procedure to allow them to intervene early to enhance progress in preschoolers in areas equivalent to imaginative and prescient, speech and language, gross and fine motor, sequencing and many others. zarda recipe

ShivakumarBarbare, India

Dear sir/ madam, J.E vaccination is not in our schedule given, but the doctor is insisting to take J.E Vaccinatin . Is it necessary or what? please reply.
Shivakumar Barbare, AE(M),From Raichur Karnataka

Gunoo, India

i m very thankfull to ur site to get appropriate information about the baby's growth & development. Now i m relaxed that my baby is growing well.

Gurpreet Kaur, India

paritosh, India

BCG vaccination can be given within a month for new born baby.

Santosh_Begusarai, India

Your site is very usefull. Thanks for done so many for child awerness related.