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A small hole or passage has developed in the muscle in the baby's groin. Some of the intestine is poking out through this.

Operation needed in Hernia

The intestine in the hernia usually moves in and out of the abdomen quite easily. Sometimes the intestine may get stuck in the hernia leading to blockage of, and possibly damage to the intestine or to the blood vessels to the testicle. If this happens emergency surgery may be needed and the intestine or testicle may be damaged. It is advisable to fix the hernia before this can happen.

Operation involved in Hernia

Under anaesthetic a cut will be made in the baby's groin. The hole in the muscle will be repaired with stitches and the skin closed with stitches under the surface. A small dressing may be applied. Local anaesthetic will also be used to numb the skin so as to reduce any pain the baby may feel after waking. Your baby will then be woken up and returned to the high care nursery.

Surgery for Hernia

Occasionally following anaesthetic we know that babies may have a change in their breathing pattern for a few hours, therefore your baby will be observed carefully for signs of apnoea (irregular breathing).Milk feeds can be given as soon as your baby demands. Usually your baby should be ready to return home the next morning.

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