Delivery of Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation of The Lung

Providing all goes well during the pregnancy, then there should be no need to alter the timing or method of delivery. However it is better to deliver the baby in a hospital where paediatric surgical and intensive care facilities are available. Following the delivery the baby may have no problems whatsoever and appear to be quite normal in which case X-rays need to be done on the first day or two to determine whether any further treatment is necessary.

However, in some babies, the cyst causes some compression of the rest of the lung and the baby has some difficulty in breathing. This may be quite minor, resulting only in a rather fast rate of breathing, or can be quite major, requiring immediate oxygen and resuscitation. The baby may start off well with very little difficulty in breathing but this may get worse in the first few days, so it is very important that the baby is monitored carefully during this time. Some babies with this problem require an operation in the first few days or weeks of life to remove the lobe that is affected by the cyst. In other babies X-rays may show that the cysts have become so tiny that surgery is not needed.

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