Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is a refractive eye surgery carried out to correct myopia (short sight), hyperopia and astigmatism. Many individuals get LASIK done to avoid wearing contact lens or eyeglasses.

A person should be over 18 years and have a stable correction for at least one to two years to qualify for Lasik treatment.

LASIK Surgery and Medical Tourism

It is more popular than other techniques because the patient feels less pain and the recovery time is low. Many who receive the treatment describe it as 'magic', as it only takes 15 minutes to perform the procedure in both the eyes and within two hours the vision is restored to normal.

People who are wearing soft contact lenses are advised to stop wearing them at least 5-7 days before the surgery. The cornea of the patient is given a detailed examination before surgery to detect any irregularities. This gives the surgeon a clue as to the amount of corneal tissue that needs to be removed and the location where it needs to be done.

The surgery is carried out in 3 steps. First a flap is created with the corneal tissue, then the cornea beneath the flap is remodelled and finally, the flap is placed back in position.

Antibiotics are administered to prevent infections.

Common complications include dry eyes, over or under correction and light sensitivity.

Several studies have indicated that LASIK is a boon to people with refractory errors . 98% of the patients who undergo the surgery are satisfied with it.

The success of Lasik is so high that it is no longer reasonable to wear 'add-ons' like contact lenses or thick glasses. Get a LASIK done and throw away your glasses-forever!

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