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Several people the world over are affected by arthritis, as a result of which they suffer from incapacitating pain which hinders their everyday activities – such as walking, climbing stairs or standing for long periods.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is a common surgery done to relieve this pain. Also known as ‘knee arthroplasty’, this procedure is recommended by a doctor if medications or other simpler forms of treatment do not help to alleviate the pain. This surgery helps a person to be more active and self-dependant.

The procedure consists of removing the degenerated cartilage and substituting them with plastic and metal components, to facilitate easy movement of the knee. These implants vary in their design according to the manufacturers.

The knee is divided into three compartments. Majority of the patients who suffer from severe arthritis have a prominent wear in two or all three compartments. A total knee replacement is the ideal choice in such patients. In 10-30% of the patients, the wear is confined to a single compartment. These candidates may undergo a Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA).

The surgery may result in scarring, blood clots and sometimes, infections. After a knee replacement procedure, a person’s activity may be limited; he may no longer be able to take part in certain activities, such as jogging or strenuous sports. The patient must learn about the risks involved and opt for the surgery if the need arises. Continuing with the symptoms may be a bad choice, as it is bound to affect the quality of life.

India has several world-class hospitals where this surgery can be done at moderate costs.There are experienced specialists who can do the surgery effectively.The pre and post- operative care, too, is commendable.

If you traveling abroad for an affordable knee replacement surgery, we suggest that you check out the credentials of the orthopedic surgeon and the hospital or consult us first to help you.

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