A dental implant is a metallic root-shaped device placed in the jaw that acts as an anchor to hold a false tooth (or a group of teeth) or a bridge in place. These surgically- placed artificial implants are a popular option to counter tooth loss and are widely used in prosthetic dentistry.

A classical implant comprises of a titanium screw which resembles the root of a tooth. The rough surface of this screw is treated to enhance the integration potential of the implant. A hole is drilled into jawbone and the implant is installed with care.

Dental Implants

Although there are several types of implants, the osseointegrated implant is the most popular. Here, titanium is fused with the growing osteoblasts to form a supportive link between the implant and the living bone.

Dental implant surgeries are usually carried out as an outpatient procedure and may be done by qualified general dentists, cosmetic dentists or by prosthodontists.

Sometimes the treatment may involve several surgeries; in other cases, it may just require one.

Although the hospital stay is short, complete healing and integration (osseointegration) may take several months to complete.

The success of the implant surgery depends on the skill of the surgeon, quality of the jaw bone and also on the oral hygiene of the patient.

Studies have confirmed that the 5-year success rate is 90-95%. Smokers fare rather poorly.

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Sean547 Monday, July 7, 2014

Today’s great dental innovation – the Dental implant being nothing less than natural teeth, implanted with metallic device. Practiced as per amounts of tooth lost, having the dental crowns, bridges or dentures on it. Dental implant is truly the most favorable option for the patients with missing/traumatic teeth. Unlike traditional ways of tooth replacement like plates or bridges, the dental implants are certainly fastened to the jawbone, giving the most adhered binding and durability. Dental implants mean an improved speaking, eating and smiling as desired.

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