Breast Reduction Surgery

Want firm and shapely breasts? Consider the option of traveling abroad to have it done at affordable prices.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure carried out to minimize the size of breasts.

Also called reduction mammoplasty, this procedure is largely carried out on self-conscious women with pendulous, large- sized breasts. Besides the aesthetic aspect, the weight of these breasts may cause chronic pain in the head, neck, shoulders and back besides causing problems in circulation and breathing.

Breast reduction is also carried out on women with drooping or disproportionate breasts and on men with gynecomastia.

Breast Reduction is an out- patient surgery done under anesthesia. It involves the removal of excessive skin, fat and glandular tissue. Markings are made on the breasts after which incisions are created. Excess skin, tissues and fat will then be removed. Due to the reduction in size, the nipples may have to be repositioned.

This procedure is hugely popular among women as it results in smaller, firmer and shapely breasts. Male patients too, with gynecomastia, have their confidence restored.

Some of the common risks include difficulty in breast feeding, delayed wound healing, infection, pain, scarring and asymmetrical breasts. There could be permanent scarring from this procedure, but this could be made inconspicuous by an expert surgeon.

Are you self-conscious about your breasts? Would you like to make your life more manageable, free from back and neck pain?

If you have plans to travel abroad for an affordable breast reduction surgery, we suggest that you check out the credentials of the plastic surgeon and the hospital or consult us first to help you.

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