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Scuba divers, who dive only once a day, should wait at least 12 hours after a diving session before flying. Otherwise, they are at risk for developing decompression sickness. For those who undertake multiple dives or others who require decompression stops, an additional time of 24 hours is recommended before flying.

Flying is contra-indicated in people with neuropsychiatric problems like

  • Epilepsy
  • Violent or unpredictable behavior
  • Recent skull fracture
  • Brain tumour

If flying is unavoidable, expert medical advice should be sought and strictly adhered to. The airlines must be informed in advance and proper permission obtained.

Jet lag, a physiological reaction to traveling long distances in relatively short periods, is common among air travelers. Following a few simple techniques can prevent its symptoms

  • Slumber adequately before a flight
  • Drink alcohol moderately
  • Eat a well balanced diet
  • Adjust to the new time zone soon- remain active during daytime and follow local mealtimes
  • Exercise moderately to adapt to the change and to get sleep.
People susceptible to motion sickness should

  • Ask for a seat over the wings or by a window
  • Choose to fly by a larger airplane
  • Not consume alcohol 24 hours before the flight and in flight
  • Keep the seat belt fastened
  • Have an air bag handy

Your flying experience can be made pleasurable and comfortable -all you have to do is simply follow medical advice and take a few precautions -so, go ahead and book that ticket!


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