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One should know exactly why one gains weight. Overeating and inactive lifestyle are the main causes of weight gain. Binging once in a week is okay, but that should not exceed for more than once.It is not always that we lie to ourselves, but we tend to forget what we donít wish to remember. We are constantly saying to ourselves, ďI really donít understand why I put on weight. I donít eat white rice, white bread, ghee, butter and I cook my food in very little oil. Why am I gaining weight?Ē

Men generally have a tendency to over eat once they come back from office. The evening snacks and dinner is the heaviest meal they consume. That is the main culprit for weight gain. Any heavy meal after sun set takes lot of time to get digested.

Keep A Track of What You are Eating

Maintaining a food diary is the best way to know what is going into the mouth. We can keep track on the number of candies that we pop in while working on the computer. Men generally have a tendency to snack on greasy or fried foods, such as samosas and namkeen, after coming back from office. If you love yourself and want to lose weight then eat mindfully and not mindlessly.

Weight Loss Program for Men

Once you know what you eat you can automatically keep a tab on your food intake and at the same time make the required changes. Try and omit empty calories from your diet. Keep a control on your temptations. Donít reach out for those casual pop-into-the-mouth eats.

Most men know why they gain weight, but are in a state of denial all the time. But the causes of weight gain for men are simple - over-eating, eating wrong foods and missing out on exercise from daily routine.

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Podhigai_Arasan Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hi, i'm with 200 lbs. Please help me to redcue in one month. I'm too lazy to do exercise. Suggest me any alternative idea.

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