Health Benefits of Palmyra Fruit

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What is Sugar Palm Fruit?

The Palmyra fruits, also known as sugar palm fruits, grow in clusters on tall palm trees. The palm plants are native to South and Southeast Asia in the Indomalaya region. The sugar palm fruits are about 4 to 7 inches in diameter and have a black husk. If the top part of the Palmyra fruit is removed, three sweet jelly seeds sockets appear which are translucent, pale white in colour are and have a mild sweet flavour.

A thin, yellowish-brown skin covers the jelly portion of the fruit and has watery fluid within the white fleshy body. Sugar palm fruit is especially rich in phosphorus and calcium with zero fat and negligible protein content.
Top 4 Health Benefits of Palmyra Fruit

Nutritional Facts of Palmyra Fruit

Nutritive value of palm sugar fruit per 100 g of raw ingredient:
Water77 g
Protein1 g
Fat0 g
Carbohydrates21 g
Fibre0 g
Calcium9 mg
Phosphorus33 mg
Iron0 mg
Thiamine.04 mg
Riboflavin.02 mg
Niacin.3 mg
Vitamin C5 mg

Palm Fruit Health Benefits

Being rich in minerals and vitamins, sugar palm fruits are a healthy option for people on diet or suffering from diabetes. It is a rich source of vitamins B and C, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, and riboflavin.

Good for Skin

Palmyra fruit is an excellent home remedy for prickly heat during summer season. A thin layer of sugar palm fruit jelly applied on the affected area has a soothing effect and immediately alleviates the itchiness associated with prickly heat. Sugar palm fruits are also effective in reducing the symptoms of chicken pox and enhance the rate of healing.

Palmyra Fruit for Good Skin

Sugar palm fruit is also beneficial in treating inflammatory skin problems such as redness due to intense heat. A face pack made from sugar palm fruit is excellent for the skin even for people with sensitive skin. It prevents prickly heat, boils and redness of the face.

A poultice or a drink made from sugar palm fruit can effectively treat dermatitis. It can be safely used in infants and children as well.

Cure for Stomach Problems

The palm fruit is ideal for treating burning sensation in the stomach. During summers use palm fruit, to keep body hydrated. It also replenishes the lost minerals and nutrients of the body and prevents painful urination and tiredness.

It is used effectively to treat digestive problems and other stomach ailments. It is also used as a laxative.

Healthy Diet Option

Sugar palm fruit is a good option for those who are on a diet. It also prevents malnutrition in children and adults.

Home Remedy for Many Ailments

Palm fruit has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The fruit pulp helps to cure skin inflammations. It is used to treat nausea and vomiting as well as worm infestation. It is used as an expectorant and also as a liver tonic.

Palm Fruit Recipe

Palm Candy Drink

  • Palm candy
  • Cardamom
  • Whole milk/coconut milk
  • Sugar palm fruit

The palm candy and cardamom are triturated in a mortar and pestle. Whole milk is boiled and once it comes to boil, palm candy and cardamom mixture is added to it. The flame is turned off once the mixture is dissolved in the milk. To this, finely cut sugar palm fruit is added and served on cooling. Instead of whole milk, coconut milk can be used but it should be boiled on a low flame.

Health and Beauty Tips

How to Eat Palmyra Fruit?

For maximum benefits, the fruits should be eaten along with skin. The ripened fibrous external coat of the sugar palm fruits is also edible and can be consumed raw, boiled or roasted. Cut the jelly into pieces and add to milk and honey. This preparation is good for tackling the summer heat.

Palmyra palm sugar is also used in many Asian cuisines such as rice, puddings, desserts, curries or candies.

Palm Jaggery

Palm jaggery is obtained from Palmyra plant and is off-white to pale yellowish in colour. The sap of the Palmyra palm is boiled to prepare palm jaggery. It has a sweet taste with a typical aroma of Palmyra sap resembling white chocolate.

Palm jaggery is also known as Palmyra palm sugar and is a natural sweetener. It is used extensively in cooking and has many health benefits;
  • Low glycemic index sugar helpful in reducing obesity and diabetes

  • Palmyra Fruit Reduce Obesity

  • Provides a sustained and uniform energy supply to the body
  • It is rich in many nutrients including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C
Face Pack for Heat Rashes

Pure sandalwood powder is mixed with ground fresh sugar palm fruit with a little coconut water. This pack is applied in a thin coat on the face and left to dry after which it is washed off with cold water. This is a good remedy for treating and preventing boils, prickly heat and redness of the face. It is also effective for the inflammatory skin problems faced after sun exposure.

Sugar Fruit Poultice for Prickly Heat

A sterilized and 100% cotton cloth is taken and sterilized by boiling in water. The cloth is soaked and cooled at room temperature. The fruit is taken and the outer skin on the top is peeled off, the pulp is ground in a mixer and spread on the cloth. This poultice is applied on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes after which the cloth is removed.

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