Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is finally on its way!!! This means it is time for cookouts, beach days, kayaking, and all sorts of other outdoor fun activities that you could possibly think of. But wait! Along with fun, you should also deal with the sweltering hot weather and sleepless nights.

Most people would go straight to flip on the air conditioner at home. But a gentle reminder to all, air conditioners are neither environmental friendly nor a budget-conscious way to survive hot summer nights.

Tricks to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Nights

Check out these 12 hacks that help you keep cool as a cucumber during the hot summer nights.

1. Switch to Cotton

Using light-colored bed linens made of lightweight cotton instead of silk or polyester sheets can make a huge difference. Cotton is breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom. Like the sheets, wearing loose cotton clothing to bed can help you keep cool while you sleep. And you can even take it a level further by wearing such comfortable fabrics around the house daily.

2. Try a Different Mattress

When temperatures soar, trade in that extra comfy mattress for a minimalist straw or bamboo mat. Although it may feel a little ancient, straw and bamboo mattress retain less heat than modern beds. Cots and hammocks are good choices as well because the airflow around them is increased as they are suspended on all sides.

Try Setting Up a Hammock to Sleep Better on Hot Summer Nights

3. Feel the Freeze

Cover your sheets in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before bed. Although, it won’t keep you cool all night, it will give a brief respite from heat and humidity.

4. Sleep Like an Egyptian

Ancient Egyptians used to dampen their blankets in the water right before going to bed, to keep themselves cool while sleeping. Make sure you lay the damp sheets on top of a dry towel or light blanket to avoid soaking the mattress. The moisture helps you feel cooler during the long hot summers.

5. Place Ice in Front of a Fan

Make a DIY air conditioner yourself by placing a shallow pan or bowl of ice in front of a fan to keep it cool. The wind will pick up cold water from the ice’s surface as it melts, creating a cooling mist.

6. Turn Off Lights and Gadgets

As the sun sets, try to turn off as many electronics and lights as you can. Gadgets and other small appliances generate heat and will warm the air around you. Hence, be mindful of the lights you leave on and the devices you keep plugged in.

Unplug Your Gadgets, Appliances to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

7. Get low

As the hot temperature rises during summers, set your cot, bed, or hammock as close to the ground to beat the heat. If you live in a home with more than one level, try sleeping at the lowest level of the house to stay cool.

8. Get Creative with Grains

Rice and buckwheat are not just for eating! These staples can also help in keeping you cool on hot nights. Try using buckwheat pillows, which don’t absorb heat as cotton does and for a cold compress on hot nights, fill a sock with grains, tie it, and keep it in the freezer for some time. The compress will stay cool for up to 30 minutes, surely enough time to nod off.

9. Hang a Wet Sheet by the Window

Hanging damp cloth by a window can help cool your house down more quickly when the breeze hits it. It works wonder and you don't have to rely on an air conditioner.

10. Keep Your Feet Cool

Our toes are very sensitive to temperature because there are many pulse points in the feet and ankle. Cool down the whole body by dunking your feet in a bucket of cold water before hitting the bed. You can also, keep a water bucket near the bed to soak the feet to feel instant relief whenever you’re feeling hot through the night.

11. Make the Most Out of Your Fans

If your fans are moving the hot air in your room, try pointing a box fan outward in a window frame. This will suck out all of the hot air, making it nice and cool for you. In case of a ceiling fan, set it to turn counter clock-wise. This will have the same effect. It will move the hot air up and out, creating a comfortable air temperature around you.

12. Take a Shower Before Bed

Taking a cold bath before bed can help rinse off your sweat and reduce your body temperature. This way you can go to bed feeling cool and clean, and in turn, you can fall asleep more comfortably.

Take a Shower Before Bed to Keep You Cool When the Weather Turns Hot


So, for all those without an air conditioner or those who don't want an eye-popping energy bill can implement these quick tricks for staying cool during these humid summer nights. Get creative this summer and do not let the heat drain the life out of you.


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