Introduction to Facial Exercise

For centuries, the human race has tried to find a way to preserve youth and beauty. There are a million options ranging from going under the knife to applying ointments. Take a walk in the supermarket, and you will find a plethora of products, each of them claiming to be the ultimate elixir for beautiful, youthful skin. One of the latest alternatives that is gaining popularity involves facial exercises to tone the skin and keep skin diseases at bay.

The logic behind exercise for the face is simple; yoga and exercises are known to enhance overall physical strength and attractiveness. Similarly, facial muscle exercises target the 57 muscles of the face and combat aging problems like skin sagging, wrinkles, face fat, and skin problems.

Why do Facial Muscle Exercises?

The muscles in the face can be toned by practicing face firming exercises every day for a few minutes. Allotting even as little 10 minutes a day has helped several people rejuvenate their skin. These exercises can be done while watching T.V., listening to music, or even while preparing meals. Exercising the face brings about a drastic transformation to the skin as it is directly attached to the facial muscles. In other parts of the body, the skin and the muscles are separated by a layer of fat. Skin experts have termed sagging skin, drooping eyelids and symptoms of aging as bad skin posture, which can be treated by performing face yoga.

Facial Exercises and Benefits

Face firming exercises are completely natural, free of cost, non-invasive, and not at all cumbersome, so do try some of these exercises.

As one ages, the elasticity of the muscles decreases and this is visible as fine lines and wrinkles. Facelift exercises stimulate the muscles and contour the face, making it youthful. Earlier, beauticians were convinced that touching the face constantly leads to pimples and wrinkles, but recent data suggests that the use of hands for facial yoga can shave decades off ones visage. In fact, facial exercises for acne are being used in face fitness boutiques. These exercises increase blood flow and make the skin firmer. Not only are they valuable because of the aesthetic benefits, but they also act as massages that help relax and de-stress the individual.


There are different exercises designed to bring out the best version of you. No need to rely on external cosmetic techniques, rather invest in the following facial exercises.

  • Facial Exercises for Wrinkles: Place your palms on your eyelids and then raise the forehead as back as you can. Do this about 10 times for a clearer forehead. Another easy way of smoothing the brow area is by using the insides of your fingers like a comb and applying pressure on the forehead. Sweep the fingers on the forehead in this manner. Performing this exercise results in a surge of oxygen and blood flow, which helps in reduction of lines.
Facial Exercises for Wrinkles
  • Face Tightening Exercise: With age, the subcutaneous layer of fat between the skin and the muscles slowly dwindles causing the skin to lose shape and sag. Anti-aging facial exercises target this problem by stimulating this layer. The jawline and cheeks provide the crucial shape to the face, which is a characteristic of youth and beauty. Place index fingers on the cheeks and smile or grin as fiercely as you can. Use the fingers to push down the cheeks while smiling hard. The resistance makes the cheek muscles stronger and restores shape. The reflex from eating something bitter or distasteful is to pull ones cheek or jaws behind. In order to get a sharp jawline, keep your mouth half open and then form a grin or a grimace with the lower half of the face. Try not to involve the cheeks and work only with your jaw muscles. Do this 10 times in one set and see improvements in 4 weeks.
  • Facial Exercise for Baggy Eyes: The proponents of facial exercises claim that if you do these regularly, even if you havent slept the previous night, your eyes will still look fresh and uplift your face. The exercise known as the V is a popular facial exercise for eyelids and puffy eyes. Place the index finger of both hands on the ends of your eyes and place the middle fingers in between the eyebrows to form 2 Vs with your fingers. Then, look upwards and try to move the lower eyelids higher. Relax the muscles slowly and repeat 6 times. As a cure for drooping eyebrows, position each index finger under the eyes (on cheeks), pointing towards the nose. Then curl the upper and lower lips inwards, hiding the teeth. Look up and flutter upper eyelids 5-6 times before regaining a normal pose.
Facial Exercise for Baggy Eyes
  • Face Toning Exercise for Lips and a Game Changer Smile: Most people experience their first set of fine lines around their mouth, especially at the corner of their lips. Make an O with your mouth and hide your teeth with your lips. Then, smile as widely as you can and keep hiding your teeth. Repeat this six times. For more stimulation, hold the smile shape and place one finger under your lips, on your chin. Then slowly move your jaw up and down and simultaneously tilt your head backward. This can be a little tiring but gives good results. Do this two more times before relaxing muscles.
  • Face Firming Exercise to Lift Neck and Reduce Double Chin: Fat depositions on the neck and a prominent double chin often make an individual feel self-conscious. To bring the neck back in shape, position the ends of your fingers at the start of the neck, pull the skin downwards, while tilting the head back. Bring head forward and repeat two more times. For decreasing the presence of a double chin, look at the ceiling and let the lips form a tight O. This is followed by pressing the lips tightly into a line. Keep changing from O to line to tighten the skin under the chin.
Face Firming Exercise to Bring the Neck Shape

What are all the skin problems we can deal with it facial exercises?

Facial exercises for natural glow involve using all of the above in a routine to bring about a good blood flow in all parts of the face. One should use a bit of moisturizer before beginning these exercises in order to keep the skin relaxed. A glass of water after the routine is essential to rehydrate the skin cells and boost collagen development.


Not all people agree that these exercises work and provide results. Firstly, the research in this area is limited, and the data from few studies done is not considered significant as no control group was used. Skin experts say that regularly doing these exercises may actually result in more wrinkles as the skin is being contorted and pulled constantly.

Health Tips:

While these exercises have shown effects on a lot of celebrities and beauty experts, it should be noted that a healthy diet that maximizes the results.

Drinking 12 glasses of water a day is a simple trick to ward off skin aging.

The secret to beauty is inside out, in a complicated package of a balanced diet, facial exercises, hydration, and sleep.

So the next time you workout, do not forget 57 of the most visible muscles that determine your beauty. Why stop at the neck? Gym for your face as well!


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