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Super Immune Boosters

Written by Dr. Enozia Vakil, B.A.M  | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nithin Jayan, MBBS, DNB on May 06, 2013
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The immune system of the body plays the role of a defense system, and is a complex interplay of different mechanisms. Ensuring that the immune system functions to the optimum levels should be a topmost priority, and merely washing hands before meals and using the kerchief in public places isn’t enough. Add these foods to your meals for an extra boost and double up your immunity.

Super Immune Boosters

Salmon: All fishes, including salmon, do a good job of boosting your immunity. How? For starters, its packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that your body can’t produce by itself, and gives you an extra punch of animal protein. Some notable nutrients you can get through your single serving of salmon include omega 3 fatty acids and selenium, which help reduce inflammation and help the soldiers of your immune system.

Oats: Oats are highly nutritive and excellent foods for your health, not just because they help you lose those extra kilos, but also because the oat fiber molecules assist the immune cells in detecting harmful bacteria, thus stimulating them to work fast and thereby ensuring speedy recovery from an illness.


Also, oats contain beta glucan, which has profound antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help reduce the risk of influenza, anthrax, and herpes. Some studies even suggest that regular consumption of oats may lead to accelerated wound healing and speedy function of antibiotic medicines.

Blueberries: Berries, mostly blueberries, are a rich source of vitamin C, which is extremely important for the healthy functioning of the immune system. They have also been known as ‘super foods’ owing to their amazing ability to fight cancer and improve digestive health.

Garlic: Known for its antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antihypertensive and cholesterol lowering actions, garlic is truly a wonder herb. It contains the compound allicin (also present in onions since they both belong to the same plant family) which actively fights infection and bacteria.

Studies also link regular consumption of garlic to lesser risk of catching a cold and developing colorectal cancer.

Green tea: Green tea has already earned a good reputation for its rich antioxidant content, which fights off the free radicals, thereby significantly reducing the chances of development of cancer. The antioxidant catechin is thought to fight away harmful bacteria and restore health.

Green tea extracts have also been linked to an increase in cardiovascular and kidney strength.

Yogurt: Loaded with probiotic bacteria, yogurt is a lifesaver, especially for those suffering from digestive ailments like diarrhea, flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome. Yogurt contains a huge amount of the good bacteria-lactobacilli, which stimulates the white blood cells of the body to function better.


Mushrooms: For centuries, mushrooms have been used for the treatment of various conditions, and studies show, regular consumption of mushrooms can be beneficial for the immune system.

Mushrooms are thought to increase the production of white blood cells and make them more aggressive, thereby increasing immunity. Be sure to add them to your pizza toppings the next time.

Sweet potatoes: These yummy potatoes have a sweet way of boosting immunity. Loaded with beta carotene, they give the body a good dose of vitamin A, which helps protect your outer skin linings, which actually plays a huge role in maintaining immunity by preventing the entry of harmful organisms and microbes.

Apart from adding these foods to your diet, make sure you follow these simple tips too!

  • Cut your sugar intake- high sugar concentrations can suppress immune function and lower WBC activity.
  • Boost your zinc intake- zinc is an essential mineral that is associated with the proliferation of WBC’s
  • Avoid stress- laugh out loud, it can help release the fell good hormones, which make you more healthier
  • Get a good night’s sleep- 8 hours of beauty sleep can benefit your health in more ways than one
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