Last Updated on Jun 13, 2018

How to Spot a Quack?

All Talks: Firstly, their most noticeable trait is that they only want to talk and not to listen. A quack can go on and on about bragging his abilities to “heal” and “cure.”. They are not bothered about a person’s previous medical history and background, so they won’t let the patient explain any further than the “chief complaints”.

Since, their magical “pill” is going to take care of all the ailments in one shot, so how does it matter to them if the patient is a diabetic or hypertensive? They do not hesitate to prescribe sugar based syrup to a diabetic or drugs which are contraindicated in heart diseases.

Vocabulary: All quacks have a particular set of adjectives to sell their product. Refrain from anyone who claims his treatment to be “100% effective”, “magical”, “secret formula”, “guaranteed result”, “works overnight”, or any such unbelievable statement.

Quackery doesn’t come with a statuary warning. So you have to be sharp enough in understanding the hidden motive of the person who is selling it.

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