Last Updated on Jun 13, 2018

How Quacks Operate?

In a lighter vain, let me share a famous anecdote with you, which goes like this -

“When parents cannot afford to send a child to the school, they send him either to an auto workshop or a clinic. With the passage of time, they graduate as mechanics and doctors, respectively”.

Intentional: People working under professional doctors such as helpers, life-science graduates, mid-wives, helper pharmacist or an assistant non-qualified surgeon takes the advantage of their experience and can start treating the patients on their own.

Obviously, the results of their care-giving can prove to be disastrous at times. With no educational background or professional medical degree under their belt, their knowledge is limited and this can lead to life-threatening problems for the patient but they are totally uncaring about this aspect and make merry as long as they are not caught red-handed.

Unintentional: Some of the quacks are actually clueless of their doings. Under the name of home-remedies and alternative medicine, they start the treatment without proper medical history, investigations, and tests. This can lead to critical complications and irreversible damage.

Lack of proper medical facility in far-flung places provides these quacks with ample opportunities to flourish and run their little “businesses”. Mostly, small towns and villages are the perfect breeding ground for such mal-practices.

Some of these quacks even have the audacity to put credentials such as “cardiologist” or “surgeon” under their names.

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