Can You be Physically Intimate during Menstruation?

Couples at times do wish to have sex during periods, however they are concerned about safety and chances of pregnancy.

Physical Intimacy during Menstruation

Sexual contact during periods does not cause harm by itself, but it carries high risk of getting infected by the partner, if he/she is infected. This is because the uterus lining sheds off and is almost not present during menstruation exposing the uterus and the blood stream to organisms, hence increasing the risk of infections. Herpes genitalis causes breakouts during menstruation in certain women, increasing the risk of transmission of infection with sex during periods.

Practicing safe sex (using condoms) reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, but does not completely eliminate it. So, avoiding sex during periods completely, in case of sexually transmitted diseases in either of the partners, protects them from getting infected.

Another concern for couples to have sex during periods is the chances of getting pregnant without using any means of contraception during that time. Chances of getting pregnant with sex during menstruation are highly unlikely. However, in case of spotting that occurs occasionally during ovulation time in some women, which when mistaken as a period, has higher chances of getting pregnant with unprotected sex.

Also, chances of pregnancy are present in certain women who ovulate right before starting of period. There are chances of pregnancy due to viability of sperm inside the female genital tract for upto 5-7 days.

It is important to understand your partner’s interest and comfort level before deciding on whether to have sex during periods or not. In case of willingness by both the partners, to have sex during periods, it is necessary to practice safe sex, using condoms to avoid pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections.


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