Low-Sodium, Wheat-Free Alternatives

Author -  Pooja Srivastava Banerjee, M. Pharm | Article Reviewed by Dietitian Shirley Johanna, M.Sc, M.Phil on Aug 14, 2015
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What are Low-Sodium, Wheat-Free Alternatives?

Did you know that most of the sodium you eat comes from whole wheat bread products? Yes, American Heart Association and CDC claim that one slice of bread can give you almost 200 mg of sodium based on the type of bread product you eat.


Why do you need to look for Low Sodium and Wheat-Free Bun Alternatives?

Scientists have reported that whole grain bread has the ability to increase the glucose levels in the blood.

  • The glycemic index of whole wheat bread is higher. Bread has high sugar content.
  • Wheat has gluten which is harmful for health.
  • The quantity of essential nutrients present in whole grain bread is extremely low.
  • In addition, consumption of bread reduces the absorption of other food items with high nutritive value.
  • Increased intake of whole grain bread can also lead to increased chances of heart diseases as it has the ability to raise the low density lipid cholesterol.

With an increased sodium intake, fluid volume increases which exerts burden on the heart thereby increases the risk of heart diseases and heart failure. An increased amount of salt can also leave damaging effects on the heart, aorta, and the kidneys. In some cases, it may also have a bad effect on bones.

Bread is one of the highest used products and hence it is imperative to find a low sodium and wheat-free bread alternative.


Wheat-Free Cereals

There are various gluten free foods, which you can choose to lead a gluten free lifestyle. Some of the gluten free cereals include amaranth, arrowroot, cornmeal, corn tortillas, sago, sorghum, millet meal, poppadum, polenta, psyllium, maple buckwheat flake cereal, rice cereal, rice cereal with quinoa, and oats and oat products.

Certain other wheat-free flour options include chestnut flour, coconut flour, corn flour, lentil flour, soy flour, tapioca and potato flour.

Recent research has also genetically engineered wheat-free cereals to prepare gluten free foods.

Gluten Free Foods for Breakfast and Snacks

There are certain gluten free products which are commercially prepared. These include biscuits, bread, breadcrumbs, wheat-free breakfast cereals, and baking mixes. Some wheat-free snacks are also available such as cakes, muesli bars, other wheat-free snack bars and pastries.


Choose from these Wheat-Free Bun Alternatives

You can choose from a plethora of gluten free vegetarian foods and low sodium alternatives to make your hot dogs and burgers.

Go Green!

The most healthy and great wheat-free bun alternatives are the use of strong lettuce, cabbage or collard leaves. A crispy and green variation from your regular bun, these can be simply rolled into a typical burger which also adds a dollop of freshness to the food.


Fruits are other gluten free vegetarian foods which can be used in preparing burgers. Tomato or other firm stone fruits such as peaches and nectarines are a healthy option and add an extra flavor to the burger. Cooking tips such as caramelization, adding some smoke, and grilling by placing the flesh down with some condiments on top make excellent gluten free food selection.

Make a Gluten Free Vegetarian Food Choice

Vegetable buns can be prepared by using lettuce or kale wrap. Use zucchini, squash, or Chinese eggplant which resembles hot dogs in shape and size to prepare burgers or hot dogs. You can use sausage mixed with white beans, cooked or ground meat as stuffing for the non-vegetarian buns. Cucumber can be used to prepare different wheat-free snacks.


Mushrooms are a Good Option

Portabella mushrooms are a perfect wheat-free bun alternative. It resembles the shape and size of the bun and the natural umami found in mushrooms adds to the flavor and taste of the food. You can prepare Portobello buns by removing the stems and cleaning out the gills with the help of a spoon. After rubbing the inside and outside of the cap with a small quantity of oil, wrap the mushroom in a foil-lined baking sheet and keep it in the oven preheated to 450 degree F for about 10 to 12 minutes.

Low Sodium Alternatives

Corn tortillas also form wheat-free and low sodium alternatives for buns.

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