Losing overall body fat is a well understood process and can be implemented by most of us. But reducing weight (losing fat) from specific parts of the body needs a more tailor-made specific regime.

Weight training along with aerobic activity is an effective way to reduce inches and tone the body. For example, a person looking to reduce weight from the thighs and hips would have to go in for repetitive sets of lunges and squats. And a person looking to reduce weight from the arms would do more of overhead pulley, seated rowing, biceps.

Losing Fat Aesthetically: Inch Loss and Body Toning

Nowadays, we would find thunder thighs, bulging waist, heavy arms, chubby cheeks, fat face, or visible double chin very disturbing since most of us long for that perfectly proportioned body and face.

This longing paved the way for fitness and beauty centers that claim to target cellulite, inch loss and body firming through body therapies. These leave the body with a toned, slimmer look apart from just random fat loss. So how does body therapy work?

Body therapies are a passive exercise in which the cells of the targeted area in the body are made to agitate. The fat sitting deep within is made to mobilize from certain parts of the body (the problem areas) and made available for utilization through normal physical exercise. Therefore, this is no kind of a short cut as it makes regular exercise or gym-ing inevitable. It makes the weight loss journey a more pleasant and beneficial experience as the body is better toned, firm and in shape. Fat/ inches are lost from desired parts of the body.

As this is reversible and expensive, aerobic exercises and weight training has to be continued for permanent results. The brutal truth remains same. One has to exercise to lose fat.

The first and foremost step, for losing fat or inches from any specific part of the body, is to begin with weight loss techniques such as aerobic exercise, dancing, sports, swimming, and other moderate to high physical activity. After the initial weight loss, one has to weight train for a proportionate look. Weight training builds on lean muscle tissue. With more muscles packed in the body, metabolism increases and more calories are burnt even when at rest! For optimum fat loss one has to eat right, do cardio and weight train.

Usually it is seen that when a person loses weight, it is very noticeable that his face also gets sharper and leaner. A lot of people have stated that they noticed having a slimmer face and even sharper jaw lines when they shed a certain amount of body fat. Just 15 to 20 percent of body fat loss shows noticeable inch loss, slimmer body and a slimmer face. This may be hard to go through if you presently have a very high amount of body fat, but, with determination, effective strategy and a positive mindset, the goal can be achieved in no time.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is essential. Sometimes a fat looking (or puffy) face is caused by water retention which is the body's response to being water deprived.

Thus, body therapy is not just about massages and machines that help you reduce fat from specific areas of the body. Rather, proper diet, exercise and self-discipline play an important role in the therapy. That said, lets find out what body therapy techniques are in vogue.

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