Latest Publications and Research on Peer Pressure

Addict Behav    

Illicit drug use among college students: The role of social norms and risk perceptions.

Kollath-Cattano C, Hatteberg SJ, Kooper A

To examine the prevalence and correlates of college student use of illicit substances including cocaine, designer drugs, and nonmedical use of prescri... Read More

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Heart Fail Rev  2020 Jan 30  

Remote monitoring of implantable cardiac devices in heart failure patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Alotaibi S, Hernandez-Montfort J, Ali OE, El-Chilali K, Perez BA

This study aims to determine whether the use of remote monitoring (RM) in implantable cardiac devices decreases all-cause mortality and heart failure ... Read More

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Int J Part Ther    

Insurance Coverage for Adjuvant Proton Therapy in the Definitive Treatment of Breast Cancer.

Mendenhall WM, Smith S, Morris CG, Bradley JA, Mailhot Vega RB, McIntyre K, Klein SL, Mendenhall NP

To determine factors that influence insurance approval for breast cancer patients for whom adjuvant proton therapy (PT) is recommended.... Read More

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Front Psychol    

Testing a Social Network Intervention Using Vlogs to Promote Physical Activity Among Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Van Woudenberg TJ, Bevelander KE, Burk WJ, Smit CR, Buijs L, Buijzen M

There is a need to stimulate physical activity among adolescents, but unfortunately, they are hard to reach with traditional mass media interventions.... Read More

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J Ment Health  2020 Jan 30  

Interpersonal functioning, support, and change in early-onset bipolar disorder: a transcendental phenomenological study of emerging adults.

Smyth K, Salloum A, Herring J

Background: Early-onset bipolar disorder (EOBD) diagnoses have increased, yet much remains to be understood about its phenomenology. Research and trea... Read More

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