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Sexual problems in the patients with psychiatric disorders

Piontek A, Szeja J, Blachut M, Badura-Brzoza K

Sexual disorders are very common problems in the psychiatric patients. Many factors induce sexual dysfunction, e.g. the effects of antidepressants and... Read More

Source: PubMed


[Delayed ejaculation: epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment].

Rustamov MN, Belyaev AR, Aliev RM, Rapoport LM, Vinarov AZ

Delayed ejaculation is a form of sexual disorders, which is characterized by constant or intermittent delays or absence of ejaculation and orgasm, des... Read More

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J. Urol.  2020 Jan 31  

Operated Male to Female Sexual Function Index (oMtFSFI): A Study on the Validity of the First Questionnaire Developed to Assess the Sexual Function after Male to Female Gender Affirming Surgery.

Vedovo F, Di Blas L, Perin C, Pavan N, Zatta M, Bucci S, Morelli G, Cocci A, Delle Rose A, Grisanti SC, Gentile G, Colombo F, Rolle L, Timpano M, Verze P, Spirito L, Schiralli F, Bettocchi C, Garaffa G, Palmieri A, Mirone V, Trombetta C

No questionnaire is currently available to evaluate sexual function after male to female (MtF) gender affirming surgery. Such a limit leads to a subop... Read More

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Arch Sex Behav  2020 Jan 24  

Condom-Associated Erectile Function, But Not Other Domains of Sexual Functioning, Predicts Condomless Insertive Anal Sex Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men.

Li DH, Newcomb M, Macapagal K, Remble T, Mustanski B

Condoms effectively prevent against HIV, especially when used in conjunction with biomedical strategies such as PrEP and viral suppression. However, c... Read More

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J Sex Med  2020 Jan 20  

Bother Associated With Climacturia After Radical Prostatectomy: Prevalence and Predictors.

Salter CA, Bach PV, Miranda E, Jenkins LC, Benfante N, Schofield E, Nelson CJ, Mulhall JP

Orgasm-associated incontinence, climacturia, is one of the lesser studied radical prostatectomy (RP) complications. Little is known about patient both... Read More

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aman5572 Saturday, July 26, 2014

every person is not enjoy the sex because he or she is not doing sex,a very unique tip for those who are interested in knowing what is orgasm or how to get a great tip is supposed to let me know

ladyt Monday, December 10, 2012

Is it true that if a man takes a long time to ejaculate it means that he just recently had sex?

drferoz_78 Saturday, May 12, 2012

dear dr .i am 34 yrs old male i had been married 7 yrs back,my sexual life is ok so far ,but i am away from my wife since 4 months ,as u used to so for 3 yrs back as well ,but that time i was always having erection just thinking of my wife ,but now even after having sexual thoughts and memories with her ,i am not getting erection,i am afraid that if i am going impotenet? plz suggest me

Hannahmae Friday, April 13, 2012

i am wife age 43 years old and same age with my husband. i just want to ask they say that its unbelievable for my husband to cum a maximum of 7 times in less than 45 mins..and i can cum that much too. What is the explanation of this. Is this normal or abnormal. we are experiencing this for almost 4 years now. Is this unhealthy? but i dont think this is bad, we were just open and explore more on sex since we reached 40 years old..I just dont know why men can believe it.and even one say it is a special case.Please clarify me on this matter..thank you

Aniole-1 Saturday, February 18, 2012

How long does it take for a woman to squirt? Is it part of the orgasm?

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