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Open Access Maced J Med Sci    

The Difference in Effect of Arabica Coffee Gayo Beans and Leaf (Coffea Arabica Gayo) Extract on Decreasing Blood Sugar Levels in Healthy Mice.

Martina SJ, Govindan PAP, Wahyuni AS

High incidence rate of diabetes mellitus (DM) and increased incidence of complications from DM as well as the use of less effective antidiabetic drugs... Read More

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ACS Appl Mater Interfaces  2020 Feb 03  

Size-Switchable Nanoparticles with Self-Destructive and Tumor Penetration Characteristics for Site-Specific Phototherapy of Cancer.

Wang K, Tu Y, Yao W, Zong Q, Xiao X, Yang RM, Jiang XQ, Yuan Y

The normoxic and hypoxic microenvironments in solid tumors cause cancer cells to show different sensitivities to various treatments. Therefore, it is ... Read More

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Food Funct    

Consumption of a green tea extract-curcumin drink decreases blood urea nitrogen and redox iron in -thalassemia patients.

Koonyosying P, Tantiworawit A, Hantrakool S, Utama-Ang N, Cresswell M, Fucharoen S, Porter JB, Srichairatanakool S

The most important cause of death in -thalassemia major patients is organ dysfunction due to iron deposits. Non-transferrin bound iron (NTBI), labile... Read More

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J Mater Chem B  2020 Jan 16  

Facile phase transfer of hydrophobic Fe3O4@Cu2-xS nanoparticles by red blood cell membrane for MRI and phototherapy in the second near-infrared window.

Lin K, Cao Y, Zheng D, Li Q, Liu H, Yu P, Li J, Xue Y, Wu M

The development of nanotheranostic agents integrating diagnosis and therapy has gained tremendous attention in the past few decades, but many of them ... Read More

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Ann Fam Med    

The Effect of Warfarin Administration Time on Anticoagulation Stability (INRange): A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial.

Garrison SR, Green L, Kolber MR, Korownyk CS, Olivier NM, Heran BS, Flesher ME, Allan GM

Without supporting evidence, clinicians commonly recommend that warfarin be taken in the evening. We conducted a randomized controlled trial to evalua... Read More

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