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Latest Publications and Research on BRAT Diet (Bland Diet)

Aust J Gen Pract    

Sports nutrition for the recreational athlete.

Desbrow B, Slater G, Cox GR

Recreational sports participation provides many potential health benefits. However, some athletes experience medical problems associated with, or exac... Read More

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Curr. Diab. Rep.    

Are Lifestyle Interventions to Reduce Excessive Gestational Weight Gain Cost Effective? A Systematic Review.

Bailey C, Skouteris H, Teede H, Hill B, De Courten B, Walker R, Liew D, Thangaratinam S, Ademi Z

Lifestyle interventions (such as diet and physical activity) successfully limit excessive gestational weight gain and can reduce some adverse maternal... Read More

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J. Mol. Med.  2020 Feb 01  

Altered molecular signatures during kidney development after intrauterine growth restriction of different origins.

Nüsken E, Fink G, Lechner F, Voggel J, Wohlfarth M, Sprenger L, Mehdiani N, Weber LT, Liebau MC, Brachvogel B, Dötsch J, Nüsken KD

This study was performed to identify transcriptional alterations in male intrauterine growth restricted (IUGR) rats during and at the end of nephrogen... Read More

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Diabetologia  2020 Feb 01  

Obesity-induced reduced expression of the lncRNA ROIT impairs insulin transcription by downregulation of Nkx6.1 methylation.

Zhang FF, Liu YH, Wang DW, Liu TS, Yang Y, Guo JM, Pan Y, Zhang YF, Du H, Li L, Jin L

Although obesity is a predisposing factor for pancreatic beta cell dysfunction, the mechanisms underlying its negative effect on insulin-secreting cel... Read More

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J. Lipid Res.    

Erratum: FTY720/fingolimod decreases hepatic steatosis and expression of fatty acid synthase in diet-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in mice.

Rohrbach TD, Asgharpour A, Maczis MA, Montefusco D, Cowart LA, Bedossa P, Sanyal AJ, Spiegel S

... Read More

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