Latest Publications and Research on Back Pain at Workplace: Prevention and Exercises

Scand J Prim Health Care  2020 Jan 30  

Long-term effects on function, health-related quality of life and work ability after structured physiotherapy including a workplace intervention. A secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial (WorkUp) in primary care for patients with neck and/or back pain.

Forsbrand MH, Turkiewicz A, Petersson IF, Sennehed CP, Stigmar K

Objective: To study the long-term effects of a workplace intervention in addition to structured physiotherapy regarding self-reported measures in pati... Read More

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J Prev Med Hyg    

Risk factors of occupation related back pain and neck pain among patients attending tertiary care hospital, Ahmedabad, India.

Dave VR, Khanpara HJ, Shukla RP, Sonaliya KN, Tolani J, Patel R

Neck/back pain is one of the common health problems associated with significant impact on health resulting in sickness absenteeism. Neck/back pain is ... Read More

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Clin Rehabil  2020 Jan 22  

Does adding case management to standard rehabilitation affect functional ability, pain, or the rate of return to work after lumbar spinal fusion? A randomized controlled trial with two-year follow-up.

Oestergaard LG, Christensen FB, Bünger CE, Søgaard R, Holm R, Helmig P, Nielsen CV

To examine the effect of a case manager-assisted rehabilitation programme as an add-on to usual physical rehabilitation in patients undergoing lumbar ... Read More

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Biomater Sci  2020 Jan 20  

Growing a backbone - functional biomaterials and structures for intervertebral disc (IVD) repair and regeneration: challenges, innovations, and future directions.

Harmon MD, Ramos DM, Nithyadevi D, Bordett R, Rudraiah S, Nukavarapu SP, Moss IL, Kumbar SG

Back pain and associated maladies can account for an immense amount of healthcare cost and loss of productivity in the workplace. In particular, spine... Read More

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J Biomech  2019 Dec 09  

Subject-specific regression equations to estimate lower spinal loads during symmetric and asymmetric static lifting.

Ghezelbash F, Shirazi-Adl A, El Ouaaid Z, Plamondon A, Arjmand N

Workplace safety assessment, personalized treatment design and back pain prevention programs require accurate subject-specific estimation of spinal lo... Read More

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