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Latest Publications and Research on Ayurveda Decoded

J Ethnopharmacol  2020 Jan 30  

Indian Sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus indicus): Recent progress in research on ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacology.

Nandy S, Mukherjee A, Pandey DK, Ray P, Dey A

Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br. ex Schult. (Apocynaceae) is widely used in traditional medicine in the different parts of the Indian subcontinent due t... Read More

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Antioxidants (Basel)    

Medicinal Profile, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacological Activities of Murraya koenigii and its Primary Bioactive Compounds.

Balakrishnan R, Vijayraja D, Jo SH, Ganesan P, Su-Kim I, Choi DK

The discovery of several revitalizing molecules that can stop or reduce the pathology of a wide range of diseases will be considered a major breakthro... Read More

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Liver Int.  2020 Jan 28  

Liver Injury due to Ashwagandha. A Case Series from Iceland and the U.S. Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network.

Björnsson HK, Björnsson ES, Avula B, Khan IA, Jonasson JG, Ghabril M, Hayashi PH, Navarro V

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Several dietary supplements containing ashwagandha are marketed in the U... Read More

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Curr Drug Discov Technol  2020 Jan 26  

Fractions of Boswellia serrata suppress LTA4, LTC4, Cyclooxygenase-2 activities and mRNA in HL-60 Cells and reduce lung inflammation in BALB/c mice.

Soni KK, Meshram D, Lawal TO, Patel U, Mahady GB

Purified fractions from a Boswellia serrata Roxb. Ex. Colebr. (Burseraceae) extract (ETOH and DCM) contain biologically active compounds that are well... Read More

Source: PubMed


Multiple Targets Directed Multiple Ligands: An In Silico and In Vitro Approach to Evaluating the Effect of Triphala on Angiogenesis.

Abhinand CS, Athira PA, Soumya SJ, Sudhakaran PR

Angiogenesis is critical in both physiological and pathological conditions and targeting angiogenesis is a promising strategy for the development of t... Read More

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