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Hair restoration, whether with drugs or with surgery, can help regrow lost hair in your scalp. It works both for those who are already bald and for those who are at the stage of thinning out. As with most medical treatments, however, the sooner you start, the better it works.

Hair Restoration

Generally, people will notice their hair thinning a few years before they go bald. You may notice more hair falling, or the parting on your head may seem wider, or your hair clip or band may seem to be holding less hair. Also, the hair fibers themselves will seem finer than they used to be. If you see hair shafts so fine they are almost invisible, they are likely to be ‘miniaturizing’ hair, rather than new hair, especially if they appear along with the other symptoms. These are warning signs: pay attention to your hair and give it what it needs before it decides to go away!

Both men and women can expect better results if they visit a doctor at this stage, rather than waiting till after a bald spot appears. Doctors who specialize in hair loss are called trichologists, but dermatologists (skin doctors) and endocrinologists (endocrine system and hormones doctor) can also help treat your hair fall.

Most doctors will start you off on drugs and topical treatments to stop hair fall and help new hair to grow. Later, they may suggest hair transplantation, combined with other drugs or medical treatments, for the best results.

For those interested in ‘artificial’ hair restoration, this article includes a section with some information on cosmetic options like hair thickeners and wigs and other kinds of hairpieces.

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clinicspots Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hie! I am Pranit Urankar, it is a very informative article about hair restoration. Today's generation is facing hair loss problems due to various reasons. For baldness problem the solution is hair restoration. Being a medical counselor my advice for people suffering from hair loss would be consult a good hair clinic.

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